Wrapped tokens indexation explained

Here is a short explanation on the notation of Allbridge Wrapped Tokens

Prefixes in Allbridge Wrapped Assets

The first letter in the wrapped assist indicates that it was bridged by Allbridge, hence the letter “a”. The second letter in the name, “e”, stands for blockchain it originates from, in this case, Ethereum. And the remaining letters obviously indicate that this is in fact USDC. So if, for example, you bridged USDC from Ethereum to Solana, you would receive aeUSDC.

How to convert between aeUSDC and USDC?

To provide liquidity for the Allbridge Wrapped Assets we work closely with our AMM partners. Our AMM partners provide liquidity across all of our Allbridge Wrapped Asset pairs, so when our users bridge any tokens they can convert them back to their native version on the specific network you are accessing.

Going from Ethereum USDC to Solana USDC

Visit Allbridge to transfer your USDC to Solana. Here you may find a detailed explainer on how to transfer assets using our bridge. When the transfer is complete, you will receive aeUSDC on your wallet. You can convert your aeUSDC into the Solana USDC by swapping them on Saber.

Going from Solana USDC to Ethereum USDC

To receive your aeUSDC back you need to repeat the process backward. Visit Saber to swap your Solana USDC back to aeUSDC. Proceed with sending aeUSDC back to Ethereum using Allbridge.

For more information

This procedure goes the same for all of the other bridged assets. While the chains and AMM partners differ from network to network, the bridging process remains the same. So, for example, if you received your asUSDC when bridging USDC from Solana to Celo, you would need to swap them from asUSDC to cUSD on Mobius, and so on. To get more info on individual assets and where they are traded visit the Networks and tokens section.

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