How to redeem vested ABR tokens?

  1. Click Connect wallet button.

3. Choose Lock v6ABR or v12ABR vesting tokens. v6ABR vesting starts on March 31, 2022. v12ABR vesting starts on September 30, 2022. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

4. After locking, the v6ABR/v12ABR tokens will be burnt. The smart contract will record the amount of ABR tokens that it owes you. You will not be able to withdraw the vested tokens back.

5. In addition, make sure to retain access to the wallet over the course of the entire Vesting period as you will not be able to link a different wallet. Claiming ABR tokens credits them to your wallet according to the 1:1 ratio. Tokens are linearly vested, so 100 v6ABR(v12ABR) will fully unlock after a period of 2 years.

6. To claim available ABR tokens click Claim and Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

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