How to transfer assets from Solana to NEAR?

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Before starting to transfer assets using Allbridge between Solana and the NEAR Ecosystem, there is something that you should prepare first:

  • A Solana Wallet, and some $SOL to pay the gas fee Wallet options: Sollet, SolletExtension, Phantom, SolflareExtension.

  • A NEAR Wallet, with some $NEAR to pay the gas fee. If you don’t have a NEAR Wallet yet, create one using this instruction.

All set? Let’s start!

Step 1: Choose network and asset

You will initially start from ​​ Select the networks you want to use with the bridge. In this case, the route is from Solana to the NEAR network.

After that, please carefully choose the asset you are looking to transfer before clicking on the “Connect Wallet” button.

Step 2: Connect to Your Solana Wallet

Allbridge will ask you to connect your Solana Wallet to approve the action above.

Step 3: Enter the recipient address and amount to transfer

Here, you will be required to enter the recipient address and the amount you want to transfer. Finally, after checking all the information above, click “Send”. *On NEAR, xxx.near is the default. Input your xxx.near address as the recipient.

The wallet then will prompt you to approve the transaction, for which you will need $SOL to pay the gas fee.

Wait a minute for the transaction to be executed.

Step 4: Connect to Your NEAR Wallet

Once the transaction comes up as successful, you can connect to your NEAR Wallet to receive the transferred assets.

Click “Connect Wallet” and choose “NEAR”.

Step 5: Receive assets

After connecting to your NEAR Account, select “Receive” to trigger the transaction and receive the assets in your NEAR Wallet.

To approve the transaction, you will need $NEAR for the gas fee.

Done! Go to your NEAR Wallet ( and double-check the existence of your transferred assets.


What should I do if I accidentally turn off the receiving page?

Don’t worry, if you accidentally lose connection or simply forget and turn off the computer without notice, simply reload the and you will see a pop-up that tells you what to do next.

Press “Finish.” It will redirect you to finish your transfer.

Another way is to access this page and enter the transaction ID. If you don’t know how to find the transaction ID, here is the process.

How to Find Your Allbridge Transaction ID?

Step 1: Access Solscan and enter the sending address.

Step 2: Find the latest transaction (or the transaction that was detected as the Allbridge transaction) and copy its signature (transaction hash).

Step 3: Access this page and paste the signature copied above.

Then, connect your wallet and approve to finish the transaction.

What next?

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