How to revoke Token Approvals?

If you see an error while Approving a transaction in MetaMask “Transaction Error. Exception thrown in contract code.”
It is possible to revoke your token approvals using:
Aurora - Aurorascan
Avalanche C-chain - Snowtrace
BSC - Bscscan
Celo - Celoscan
Ethereum - Etherscan
FTM - Ftmscan
HECO - Hecoinfo
Polygon - Polygonscan
  1. 1.
    Go to the block explorer of the chain where you need to revoke your token approvals.
  2. 2.
    Press on More.
3. Press on Token Approvals.
4. Enter your wallet address in the field.
5. You will see all of your token approvals.
6. Find a required token which you can see in the Contract field and a required Bridge contract address in the Approved Spender field.
7. Connect your wallet by pressing “Connect to Web3” button
8. Press on revoke button.
9. Approve revoke in your wallet.