Bridge Fees from XRPL transfers

What is a Bridge Fee?

  • A Bridge Fee is a fee that a user pays for each bridge transfer.
  • A bridge transfer requires 2 transactions: Send transaction on the source chain and Receive transaction on the destination chain. The bridge fee is paid with the Send transaction.
  • The bridge fee does not include a gas fee. You will pay for gas yourself.
  • The fee is paid in the same token that you transfer.


  • Bridge Fee for XRPL is 0.1% of the transfer amount. For example, if you transfer 1000 SOLO, you will pay 1000 SOLO * 0.1% = 1 SOLO.
  • The bridge fee does not include the XRPL transaction cost. You will pay for it yourself.


Do I need to pay for the Receive transaction on XRPL?

No. When you click the “Receive” button on the bridge interface, you don’t pay any fees for it. Exceptions: If you don’t have a Trust Line with the token that you send to XRPL wallet, you will have to complete a transaction for Trust Line creation. Read more about Trust Lines on XRPL.

Will there be an Allbridge Staking on XRPL?

No, Allbridge Staking will not be available on XRPL.