How to transfer SOLO from BNB Chain to XRP Ledger?

You can watch a video guide or read a step-by-step guide:

  1. Open the Bridge page.

  2. In the From field choose BNB Chain.

  3. In the To field choose XRP Ledger.

  4. In the Choose asset field choose SOLO.

  5. Click Connect wallet button.

6. Connect the wallet.

7. Enter the receiving address on XRP Ledger in the Address to send your assets field.

8. Enter the amount you want to send in the Amount to send field.

9. Click the Approve button and confirm it in the wallet.

10. Click the Send button to trigger the Send transaction and confirm it in the wallet.

11. When the transaction is successful, click the Continue button.

12. You will be able to connect the XRP Ledger wallet, click the Recieve button.

13. Click the Xumm wallet and open this wallet on your phone.

☝️The bridge asks to connect the XRP wallet only if there is no Trust Line for the transferring token on your wallet. Further, you will only need to press Receive.

14. Scan the special QR-code with Xumm wallet app.

15. Slide to accept transaction in your wallet.

16. Wait a few seconds, check your wallet🥳

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